Save Time

Focus more on your top priorities. We’ll handle the books for you.


Be able to increase your profit without the need of increasing manpower.

We Got You Covered

Experienced CPA professionals are ready to help you out.

Unmatched Support

Communication through phone, chat, text or email.

DR Plus Services

Whether you’re from a small or medium sized enterprise, we will provide you with the best bookkeeping and conversion services.


Onboarding , reconciling of transactions to client communication, we got you covered!


We’ll help you on exporting your data from your previous accounting software into Xero.

Bookkeeping Process

Take off your daily work routine and focus on client advisory services. You’ll be confident, knowing that your books are in good hands and are completed with consistency and accuracy.

Record and Reconcile

We record and reconcile on a daily basis. We make sure that no items are left for reconciliation.

Send Report

Any unreconciled items will be flagged by sending a report to your firm.


Chat, text, call or email us with any of your concerns. We will make sure all are complete for you to review your financials

Conversion Process

Moving from an inefficient accounting system into Xero? A plug and play process is provided for your clients so you may start analyzing their financials. Take in more new clients and never have to worry about.

Data Evaluation

We’ll check the files that you’ll send us and evaluate its completeness as well as its validity so that no issues will occur during the conversion.

Process/Convert Data

We believe that not all automatic conversions are perfect, which is why we’re here to do precise formatting and transferring of your data into Xero.

Quality Assurance

We don’t just evaluate and convert your data, but we’ll also perform quality assurance to make sure that all numbers and data are in place.

DR Plus: Who We Are

DR Plus is the outsourcing solution you can rely on when it comes to conversion and managing of your accounting books. We provide assistance through chat, phone as well as email, and the best CPA professionals to handle your daily bookkeeping chores.

Started out as a CPA Firm located in California, DR Plus focused mainly on tech processes, and as time went by, the company began outsourcing its services to small and medium enterprises in need of assistance when it comes to basic bookkeeping and conversion from their previous accounting system into Xero. Having a back office in the Philippines made it possible to hire the best talents in the country as well as keeping the cost low for the outsourcing model.

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Countries Covered

Benefits of Outsourcing With DR Plus


Trained Accountants
working with you

You’ll be assigned a manager + staff(s) who will look through your books.


We will never leave you

Never have to worry about employee retention/absences. We always have your back.


It’s all about communication

You’ll feel that we’re just a door away. We will always give you client updates. It may be through phone, chat, email, or text message.


Personalized Email Assignments

Treat us like your own. You can assign customized business related email addresses to the people assigned to your account.


Flexibility in Time

Get more clients on different parts of the country. EST/PST slots are covered.


No Surprise Fees

No need to worry on employer liabilities nor OT rates. One flat fee is what we charge.


Daily Reconciliation

You can do more with your time closing new accounts. Books are promptly being reconciled everyday of the week.


Access problems no more

Easier data collection – no need to worry on how to access clients’ bank and credit card websites. We have a system in place for you.

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